Don’t miss the most exciting togel online facts to know. See some of the funniest things related with the lottery games as a whole.

We love lottery games just like you! We are thrilled to choose a lottery ticket, to select the special combo of numbers every one of us have, to choose the most amazing international togel online platform.

The thrill and the temptation to play lottery games is enormous, no doubts. But no matter how easy one game does, not know anything about its story and stats is not a good idea. You should be always aware of what you are dealing with. Including when it comes to playing the easiest gambling form ever – the lottery game!

Hare is our list of the best and most intriguing 10 fun facts you should definitely be aware of when it comes to lotteries:

  1. The most legendary story about the origin of the lottery games is related with Ceasar. Back in those days the Roman Empire smart guys were supposed to think of an idea to motivate the army and the military employees to serve the Emperor. One of the ideas was releasing the first ancient lottery game.
  2. About 6 centuries ago the lottery game was introduced to the British nation, too. You will not believe it, but for a long time the only person who could win the big jackpot in this lottery was the Queen Elizabeth.
  3. The origin of the word “lottery” is neither Italian, nor English. Actually, it comes from the Dutch word “lot”, which means receiving a lot in a big amount or in an enormous number/quantity.
  4. In the USA, nearly 2 billion of USD remains unclaimed from a lottery ticket per one year. Yes, we don’t know what these people were thinking about when buying a lottery ticket or playing some lottery games online.
  5. In the UK more than half of the biggest lottery winners have never quitted their job. No matter how rich they have become!
  6. In Ireland, a couple of lottery enthusiasts decided they would do everything to win the 1.7 million of GBP jackpot and they planned to spend 820 000 of British pounds to get every possible combination of numbers. They won less than half a million of GBP. So, no, it does not work with lots of money, either.
  7. Frane Selak is probably one of the lottery winners who have deserved the money at most. This person experienced two plane crashes and lots of bad happenings in his life and in the middle of this life he got the lottery jackpot.
  8. Meanwhile, Bil Morgan had been pronounced dead after a crash but somehow came round to celebrate his big win from a lottery.
  9. In Sweden the politicians decided to promote the better driving skills not through anything else, but through a marvelous lottery game.
  10. To encourage offering receipt to the shoppers while shopping in Taiwan the local government also used the power of the lottery. Every time you shop the receipt doubles up as a lottery ticket!

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