Check out the top five myths regarding bandar togel Singapore. See the biggest misconceptions about lotteries in the world.

Lottery is the ancient king of the gambling world. Even the toughest poker player has bought at least one lottery ticket in his life and the majority of the slot lovers do this thing on a regular basis, as well. Everyone loves lotteries! With lotteries you can earn the easiest cash ever! You can get the biggest adrenaline ever without doing anything special. You can become rich with zero special or soft skills.

It’s because lotteries are popular, easy to be played and mostly – very accessible. Nowadays, you can literally buy a lottery ticket in almost any physical store or big supermarket. But you can even find a specially tailored lottery section in the top casinos in the internet, as well as to discover totally new lotteries in exotic lottery providers such as bandar togel Singapore.

Hence, lotteries have been still bound with some misunderstanding. Why so? After all, there’s nothing difficult in lotteries. Then what’s the reason?

The reason, dear fellows, is the fact that lotteries have been always related with mysteries, conspiracy theories, but mostly with myths. Although many of these myths have been debunked through the years, it seems that they are still out there.

We are even ready with the selection of the five top popular lottery myths. They might sound to you stupid, odd or even crazy. But believe us, many people still believe in the following lottery myths:

  1. If you play the same numbers in every lottery ticket you buy, you increase your chances for a win with each next purchase. There is absolutely no evidence about that. By all means, following a strict and consistent strategy is a good thing. However, if you do that, there is absolutely no guarantee for you to win the biggest jackpot someday.
  2. Concrete stores and supermarkets are mentioned to “hold” the winning tickets. There was such a myth in the past mainly because there were registered wins in specific stores several times. However, later after an investigation the rumor was forgotten. After this rumor, people started believing that it’s just the bunch of specific supermarkets are luckier than the others.
  3. Lottery is nothing else, but a tax. Before we tell you that this is not true, let us precise what the myth is actually about. As a matter of fact, the believers of this misconception say that the lottery is a type of a regressive tax. They say that the low-income citizens are those who “pay” for the lottery to exist. Such a belief comes from the fact that many people think only poor people play lotteries. But we have an immediate argument against such a lottery myth – George Clooney and Madonna don’t just play regularly lotteries, but they even made a couple of wins through the years.
  4. The smaller the lottery is the better odd for a win you have. Actually, this is not exactly true. As a matter of fact, the smaller lotteries do provide better odds, but it’s because they are smaller. When they become popular, this big chance for a win vapors out.
  5. There is absolutely no chance to win the lottery twice in your life. Probably, this is what the logic says, but even logic is sometimes wrong. Actually, we can point out a person who won twice the lottery – Stefan Mendal from Romania.

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