Having a better knowledge of sports betting payouts is helpful for any punter. Look into this article to know the calculation method and much more.

As a sports better or punter, you need to develop a better strategy that allows you an edge over others in gambling. So, what does make you a better pinter? First, understand the method of betting payouts.

Whether you play in a physical casino or bet over an online casino like ufabet for esports, the method remains the same for every game.

Usually, bookies use three methods of betting odds- American, Fractional, and Decimal. Here is a detailed guide for calculating each odds.

American odds

In general American odds are available in a -AAA or +BBB format. The favorite team usually has odds with negative signs. On the other hand, the + sign denotes the underdog. In the case of underdogs, if you bet a sum, suppose $100, you win that amount.

Here consider two teams, Team A and Team B, of a basketball match.

Team B has an odd of +110, while team A has a betting of -150. That means, if you place a bet of $100 on team B, you will win $110 while you need to place $150 to win $100 for team A.


For the favorite team, The payoit= your bet amount + {(100*your bet amount)/AAA}

Hence, here consider you bet on team A and place $30.

The payout is = $30 + {( 100 * 30) / 150} = 30 + 20 = $50

For the underdog team, the payout= your bet amount +{(BBB*bet amount)/100}

Hence, here for team B, if you bet $30, the payout = 30 + {( 110 * 30) / 100} = 30 + 33 = $63

Decimal odds

The betting odds are in decimal format in decimals odds, i.e., “b.cd .” For example, consider team M and team N. Team M has an odd of 3.5 while team N has a odds of 1.5.

The formula

 If you bet A amount, the winnings = (A x betting odds) – A

Therefore, if you bet $20 for team M, the winnings = (20* 3.5) – 20 = 70 – 20 = $50

Fractional odds

The fractional odds are available in “a/b” format. The numerator offers the number of the book expects the probability to fail, while the denominator tells how many times the probable outcome is successful.

Consider two teams, Team 1 and 2, with odds ½ and 7/4.


The formula is pretty simple in this case also.

The winnings= {wager * decimal odds)}

Here, ahgain consider the betting odds of Team 1 and Team 2.

For team 1 if you place a bet of $30, the winnings = {30 * 1/2)

                                                                        = $15

Therefore, you receive a total of $45(=$30+$15) if you win the bet.

Again for Team 2, the winning  = ( 30 * 7/4) =$52.5

Therefore, your total winnings is $ 32.5(= $30 + $ 52.5)

Note: In the case of a draw, the same betting line and calculating method are applicable for any format.


All the betting methods come with their unique formula and calculating methods. As a gambler, you need to be sporting enough to understand and appreciate the outcomes. Hence, whatever the outcome, ensure you manage your payroll properly with an effective strategy to stand better chances at any game.

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