Casinos use different types of gaming machines, equipment and software to offer enjoyable experience

Casinos need equipment and software to offer different games and keep customers entertained. The main types of gaming devices that you will find in most casinos are pachinko and slot machines, along with supplies and software to manage and oversee operations.

Types of Gaming Machines

The main types of slots machines are touch-screen, multi-game, progressive, wild play, multi-payline, buy-your-pay, multipliers, and single-coin machines. Single-coin machines are not easy to find as they are less commonly used with the introduction of gaming machines accepting multiple coins and bills. Another reason is that they are less profitable for casinos than other gaming machines. Multipliers accept more than 1 coin and the payout percentage is based on the number of coins that have been used. There are also buy-your-pay machines that take between 1 and 5 coins, and the payout percentage depends again on the number of inserted coins. More winning combinations appear when more coins are used. Wild play machines are yet another variety worth mentioning as they offer players the chance to win big. Wilds are special features that substitute other symbols to create winning combination. There are different types of wilds such as random, multiplier, colossal, sticky, duplicating, spreading, and expanding. You will also find slots with wild symbols in online casinos, examples being Vikings Go Berserk, Midas Golden Touch, and Ice and Fire.

Other Equipment Used

In addition to gaming machines, casinos also use dices, cards, and chips for games such as roulette, sa game vip, and baccarat. Obviously, casinos also need chairs, sofas, tables, roulette wheels, automatic card shufflers, and other equipment.


Software is mainly developed to power online casinos and may come in the form of fully-managed platform solutions with real-time reporting, transaction monitoring, and graphs and KIPs for GGR and turnover, player rounds, new players, and payouts. Advanced platforms also feature game management tools to manage reporting and invoicing, bet limits, bonus contribution, and game assets. There is also an option to build mobile and web lobbies for VIP, live dealer tables, and RNG games. Added features to attract players include casino tournaments, multi-level cash back, multi-level challenges and missions with different rewards, cash bonuses, and free spins. To reduce costs, boost retention, increase reactivation, and extend player sessions, casino platforms also come with features like:

  • Advanced manual bonusing
  • In-depth bonus reporting
  • Multi-language and multi-currency
  • Dependencies across rewards programs
  • Scheduling of recurrence and campaigns
  • Bundled bonus programs
  • Deep configuration of bets across sports and casino games

Additional functionalities to increase performance and boost retention include stacked and cross-product bonuses, betting across real and bonus wallets, and multi-trigger programs for losses, wagering, claim, login, registration, and deposit. Players also enjoy features like sports free bets, free spins, cash bonuses, and stake back and odds boost for sports.

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