Get some information about the worst myths in osg777 motobola. Find out what people still believe about slot machines, but shouldn’t.

In gambling world myths are normal. It’s absolutely logical to expect people to have different theories about one of the most profitable entertainment forms of all times. Slot machines, by the way, are among the games that are bound with the worst myths. And if in poker things have been kind of clear for a century (basically to the pros), slot machines might be simple, but not so fully understood by the players.

Today, we are going to debunk some of the worst myths about slot machines. And we hope that once and for all most of the misconceptions about the most popular casino game these days will disappear. (So, if you like the material, don’t hesitate to share it and spread the truth rather than a lie or a myth).

The online casino lies to you by changing the RTP while you are playing the slot game

Practically, there’s no such a way for the gambling house to do such a thing. It doesn’t matter how reputable the company is. It doesn’t even matter what developers and software specialists work for the casino. That’s impossible. The casino sets RTP rate per each game (or for the entire platform) and changes it very rarely – with a preliminary notification to all the players.

A machine that has recently given a jackpot cannot be a winning one for you

It’s a myth that has been around for a long time. Actually, it’s been out there since the big era of the slot machines in the physical casinos. Unfortunately, though, even when the latest technologies immersed our life – which suggest we have become smarter – there’s still a misconception about it. Here’s evidence for you: recently a slot machine (in an Asian styled) gave two progressive jackpots in a row (within a week) to two players from osg777 motobola. No, they don’t know each other. No, they don’t play from the same computer.

The period of the day influences on the chance for you to win in a slot machine

Some people believe that the different slot machines have been programmed in different ways. To be more specific, these gamblers suppose that according to this programming approach different slots give different number of wins per customer. The main factor for this difference is the period of the day the player uses the slot machines. These people also believe that most of the online slot machines have been programmed to give wins to the customers within the hours after working hours.

We are interested if you used to believe in any of these myths. If yes, you can now be sure that they are nothing, but cheap lies. And you don’t hunt for anything cheap, right?

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