Online roulette is one of the world’s largest gambling pastimes. The popularity of the game has led to it being called “The King of Casino Games”, but there is a darker side to the world of online roulette. Roulette has on many occasions been depicted as rigged or easy to manipulate. The most well known of these depictions are the scenes from Casablanca in which a player wins three times in a row after being told where to place his bet. Fortunately Online Roulette is not open to this kind of activity as some of the worlds largest casino websites are policed by some of the most strict regulatory bodies in the world.

Websites that offer online gambling have to comply with very strict regulations. The most well known and most stringent of those regulators are the British Gambling Commission and Alderney Gambling Control Commission. These organisations monitor some of the world’s largest online gambling websites to make sure that they comply with all of the commission’s rules in order to keep your gambling experience free from any corruption or illegal gambling activities.

Websites such as Smart Live Casino and Sky Vegas are all regulated by the aforementioned regulatory bodies and actively contribute information to these bodies on a regular basis so as to help maintain a safe and secure gambling environment.

It is very important when choosing a website on which to play online roulette that you first check to make sure they are regulated by either The British Gambling Commission or Alderney Gambling Control Commission as these two organisations are recognised across the world as the very best. Your gaming experience should be an enjoyable one, so having the knowledge that you are playing on a website that is regulated by the world’s most stringent regulators should make you feel a lot safer and free to enjoy your play.

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