What could be the best casino games to bag huge rewards and cash deals? Well, games with high RTP can be an excellent choice to target. If you are interested to know more, stay hooked with us!

Casino games offering high RTP can be an excellent choice for the players looking for gambling opportunities that can offer them high payout. Return To Player (RTP) plays a crucial role for the players. The higher the RTP of a casino game, the easier it is for a player with bankroll issues. However, high RTP does not always imply high payout options; mostly, it happens. Here are the three top-rated gambling categories that offer high RTP if you play at theĀ top live casino Malaysia. Let us learn about them in detail.

Video Poker

There is a hairline difference between Blackjack and Video Poker when it is about RTP. However, the latter takes the upper hand as they have a payout scheme and several paying variations.

You will be surprised to know that several online poker categories offer 100% RTP. Specific categories offer more than 100% RTP like Full-pay Deuces offers 100.76%, 10/7 Double Bonus (100.17%), and 10/6 Double Double Bonus offers 100.07% guaranteed profits. 

There are high chances for any player to win more than their anticipation, only if they are good at strategies. The game comes with a rigid strategy setup.


Occupying the second position on the list is the closest competitor of Video Poker, Blackjack. Considered as the most lucrative of all the games, it comes with an RTP of 96%. Indeed, an impressive RTP has been rewarding several players for years. It is comparatively easy to play than Video Poker, and players do not require a strong strategy development for playing this game. However, a player must be aware of various aspects of the game and raise the payout. While late surrendering can help players raise the RTP by 0.07%, doubling down features increases RTP by 0.25%.

Players can enjoy high RTP from the mobile version of the game. The mobile responsive browser and application both offer a high RTP of 96-98%. Therefore, if you are looking for a gaming option with high RTP and easy-to-play skills, Blackjack is an ideal choice.


Crap is the most exciting addition to this list. With regular bets, a fixed RTP of 98%, and nothing unique about the paylines, you must think why it is on the list? It offers the second-best wager and clubbing Craps, and the odds can benefit players to win an overall RTP of 100%.

The odds we are referring to here are different multiplies. The 10x multiplier can offer an RTP of 99.99%.

Other games on the list are:

  • Baccarat offers 98%
  • European Roulette that offers 97%
  • French Roulette also offers 97%

Final Thoughts

If you are playing intending to win real money deals and beat the best of the casino games, you must target the high-paying versions. You can explore the whole world of gambling before you decide which game is your cup of tea. No matter what RTP a game provided, there is always an opportunity to excel.

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